Chosetsu is the prestige junmai daiginjo from Yuki No Bosha. At the Akita Prefecture Sake Competition, it has been awarded every year since 1989. It has won a mark of Excellence at the regional Tohoku Sake Awards 19 times since 1991. Mr. Toichi Takahashi is the brew master of Yuki No Bosha and has been instrumental in the local sake industry of Akita. He currently sits as an advisor on the Sannai Toji Guild of Akita where he helps to elevate sake making skills and educate younger generations of brewers.

Takahashi-toji is committed to a method of sake making that shows the utmost respect for the natural environment. In order to protect the microorganisms of Saiya brewery there are several things the brewery does not do: they do not stir the fermentation tanks, they do not dilute the sake, they do not use charcoal filtration, and they do not use chemicals to clean the brewery. In order to maintain unique characteristics in the sake, Takahashi-toji only uses proprietary yeasts, some 40 years old. Additionally, he works closely with contract Yamada Nishiki rice farmers in Hyogo, giving direction on rice patty management to ensure high quality over yield. For all this, Takahashi-toji has been recognized as a National Treasure of Japan.

Tasting Note

It shows white lilies on the nose and hints white grape and cotton candy on the palate. Quintessential competition grade junmai daiginjo, it has a long, elegant, and complex finish.

Food Pairing

Serve chilled with omakase, kaiseki, or delicious desserts.

Technical Data
RICE: Yamada Nishiki (from Hyogo)
YEAST: House yeast
SMB: 35%
SMV: -2
ABV: 16%
SHUBO: Sokujo
PASTEURIZATION: Once, in bottle
DILUTION: Genshu (no dilution)
Unique Selling Points
  • The brew master, Mr. Takakashi, is one of the most esteemed in Japan.
  • Highly limited, competition sake that has won a mark of Excellence at the regional Tohoku Sake Awards 19 times since 1991
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