Le Très Vénéré is named for its venerated status, having been aged for the maximum period over which Cognac can improve in cask. It is perfectly balanced, still crisp and fresh despite its significant age.

Delamain does not grow grapes, but purchases young eaux-de-vie from trusted grower/distillers who offer their finest spirits for evaluation after each harvest. The selected spirits are aged separately in 350-liter oak barrels called roux rather than new oak, which would lend too much tannin. After 50 to 55 years of aging, the Cognac is blended, then allowed to age 2 years further to marry the flavors and textures of its components. Lastly, prior to bottling, Delamain will use older lower-proof cognac to bring down the alcohol content to consumption level, rather than adding distilled water which would compromise the rich flavor.

Tasting Note

Le Très Vénéré brilliant amber-topaz Cognac offers an intense and complex fruitiness and an assertive fragrance. Floral and spice aromas give way to herbaceous scents of underbrush, raisins, vanilla, licorice and honey. Le Très Vénéré Expresses the nobility of a truly great eaux-de-vie having reached the peak of its development; it is enticing and palatial to experience. This cognac is venerable in all aspects of its creation.

Food Pairing

The highest-quality Cognac is usually enjoyed after dinner as a contemplative drink. It should be served at cool room temperature or slightly chilled and allowed to warm in the glass, slowly releasing waves of aroma. Pour about 1 inch of Cognac into a thin tulip-shaped glass. Pause to smell the aromas, then take small sips to appreciate the Cognac’s smooth texture, its expressive layers of flavor and its lengthy finish. Cognac connoisseurs enjoy its aromas long after the glass is empty.

Technical Data
ABV: 40%
AGING: 50–55 years in old, 350-liter Limousin oak barrels
Unique Selling Points
  • Comprised solely of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie
  • Blend of 50- to 55-year-old Cognacs
  • Aged in old, 350-liter Limousin oak barrels
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