In the year 1894, amidst the picturesque setting of Pisticci, Italy, Pasquale Vena’s dedication to herbology and innovation led him to create Amaro Lucano. Despite wartime challenges and setbacks, Pasquale, along with his son Leonardo and nephew Giuseppe, persevered, founding a small-scale operation before expanding production in the 1960s. Today, guided by generations of tradition, the Vena family proudly maintains the secret recipe of Amaro Lucano, ensuring its enduring legacy since 1894.

Amaro Lucano Anniversario transforms into a reserve. Amaro Lucano Essenza undergoes a 12-month refinement process in oak barriques that previously stored an exquisite grappa, resulting in a truly distinctive creation.


Tasting Note

Upon the first inhale, it envelops you with the familiar warmth that defines Amaro Lucano; on the palate, it unveils layers of chocolate, pastry, and candied fruit, followed by a captivating herbaceous aroma with a bold presence of bitter herbs.

The flavor is invitingly warm, with discernible bitterness balanced harmoniously by syrupy undertones reminiscent of honey. The astringency imparted by the extended aging in grappa barriques is subtle and velvety. The bitterness is elegantly countered by the alcohol content, resulting in a finely balanced experience.


Technical Data
ABV: 34%
AGING: 12-month refinement process in oak barriques that previously stored an exquisite grappa
Unique Selling Points
  • Aged in oak barrels that stored an exquisite grappa
  • Made from a blend of over 30 herbs
  • Can be enjoyed neat, chilled, with ice
  • Imported from Italy
  • Gluten Free
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