Kameizumi Sake

About the Brand

from: Japan

Points of Distinction
  • Made with yeast Cel-24, this yeast was created in collaboration with other Kochi breweries
  • Unpasteurized and undiluted (Namazake Genshu) but sold year-round unlike most namazakes which are seasonal
  • Two different kinds of rice are used, Hatannishiki from Hiroshima, across the bay, and Matsuyama Me, from nearby Ehime prefecture

The Heart of Kameizumi

Here in the spring, the surface of the Hage River shimmers in the sunlight. The trees on its banks form an arch of pale pink flowers. In the summer, the fragrance of white pomelo blossoms waft in the warm breeze. The mountains, sky, and clouds create a palette of brilliant green, blue, and white. In the fall, stalks in the fields bend over heavy with rice, and you can smell the familiar scent of dried leaves in the air. The days are cloudless and followed by gentle crimson sunsets. In the winter, everyone braces against the cold while the fields are covered in snow.

It was in this abundant nature at the foothills of Mount Hage that Kameizumi was born. We have always been grateful for the bounty nature has provided us, and we strive to preserve our traditions and way of life. These traditions of brewing in harmony with nature have been at the heart of Kameizumi’s products since its founding.

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