Kameizumi hails from Kochi prefecture in Shikoku. Shikoku is the large island off the mainland of Honshu. Kochi prefecture is famous in the sake industry for its bold experimentation with sake yeast. The main family yeasts Kochi has developed start with “CEL” in the name. Despite its small size, because of their bold collaboration with the Kochi sake research institute, Kameizumi earned the nickname, the “CEL Brewery”.

The Kameizumi Junmai Ginjo Namazake Genshu is made with the most special CEl-24 yeast. This yeast ferments slowly, creating twice the ethyl caproate and malic acid as other Kochi yeasts. It is the most aromatic sake yeast ever developed in Japan and can only be used by breweries located in Kochi prefecture. This results in a sake that is juicy, funky, super fragrant, with high acidity and low alcohol. A truly unique sake that has become a cult favorite.

Tasting Note

Immediately showing the yeasty, bisquity nose of a “namazake,” this sake is luscious, fruity, and soft on the palate. It is a -20 on the Sake Meter Scale, which identifies it as very fruity.

Food Pairing

Serve chilled. Pair with foie gras, blue cheese, and grilled lobster with herbs.

Technical Data
ABV: 14%
ACIDITY: 1.5〜2.5
PRESSING METHOD: Press in Yabuta
RICE: Hattan Nishiki and Matsuyama Me
Unique Selling Points
  • Made with yeast Cel-24, this yeast was created in collaboration with other Kochi breweries
  • Two different kinds of rice are used, Hatannishiki from Hiroshima, across the bay, and Matsuyama Me, from nearby Ehime prefecture
  • Unpasteurized and undiluted (Namazake Genshu) but sold year-round unlike most namazakes which are seasonal
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