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Food & Wine Sommeliers of the Year picks: Sassicaia and Taylor Fladgate

April 23, 2015

Food & Wine 2015 Sommeliers of the Year by Megan Krigbaum. Extraordinary wine professionals and the bottles that tell the story of their lives.

Taylor Parsons, République, Los Angeles

1945 Taylor Fladgate Port
In my first week at Charlie Trotter’s, a table ordered this port. Another sommelier, Justin, said, “Get the port tongs!” We heated them in the stove, and I cleared a path to the table so no one would get burned. Justin put the tongs on the bottle and crack! The top came right off!

Steve Wildy, Vetri Family Restaurants, Philadelphia

1988 Sassicaia
My very first night at Vetri, we hosted a wine and white truffle dinner with Piero Incisa della Rocchetta from Sassicaia. We poured the ’85, ’88, ’97, ’98, ’01. The staff was so kind to me. I thought, I like these guys and I like truffles and I like ’88 Sassicaia, so I’ll be all right if I don’t mess it up.

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