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The Seeker

A New Journey Begins with the February 2012 Launch of The Seeker Wines

February 1, 2012

Wine lovers looking for something fun and new; take notice. The Seeker is a new global brand introduced by Kobrand, a family company with more than 65 years of experience and relationships with family wineries that span the globe. The Seeker is a line of top-quality wines made from grapes grown in the regions where they perform best, crafted by quality-driven, family-owned wineries. The Seeker wines are globally conscious, featuring sustainable farming and winery practices, special lightweight glass, and locally-sourced recycled and recyclable materials, all to reduce The Seeker’s carbon footprint.

The imagery of The Seeker harks back to a time of exploration and adventure, when a journey across borders meant mystery, danger, and new worlds awaiting discovery. Each of the five wines bears a label featuring a unique 19th-century flying machine with its own Seeker at the helm (and wine, of course).

These intrepid explorers inspired a world of fictional characters, each drawn from the wine and region of origin represented and each on their own mission of discovery, evoking the spirit of adventure and romance of international travel in a bygone era.

France: Pinot Noir
Grapes for the silky, juicy Pinot Noir were discovered in Auvergne, a region that has grown this grape since the 11th Century. “It only seems like magic. Skills honed from centuries of experience have crafted the smooth delight of such a wine.”-Colette Bourgogne

Argentina: Malbec
The luscious Malbec is made with grapes that were discovered in Lujan de Cuyo, one of Mendoza’s choice areas, at altitude in the foothills of the Andes. “Masterful, like soaring to new heights and never having to fall back to earth.”-Esteban Colombo

New Zealand: Sauvignon Blanc
The Sauvignon Blanc grapes were discovered in not one but two of New Zealand’s best Sauvignon Blanc vineyard sites for extra zest. “The only thing I require for manhunts that cross the Seven Seas, giant metal octopus or no. Absolutely essential.”-Captain Cornelius Weatherbee

Chile: Cabernet Sauvignon
Grapes used to craft the Cabernet Sauvignon come from the Colchagua and Maipo Valleys, two of the finest vineyard areas in Chile. “As enticing as reclaiming a gem, but not nearly so dangerous.”-Isadora Cortez

California: Chardonnay
The Chardonnay grapes were discovered in California’s cool-climate growing regions, from the Central Coast to the Delta Region of the Sacramento River. “No stealthy midnight melody would be complete without its impressions of citrus and florals.”-Wolfgang Masterssen

February 2012 marked the national launch of The Seeker Wines:

• Mobile-friendly website,

• Full-page ads in Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Food & Wine Magazine, and top 10 markets of Beverage Media

• Participation in New Orleans Food & Wine Experience (May), Aspen Food & Wine Classic (June), and Wine Riot events (various dates and cities)

Facebook profile with more than 6,000 followers and daily updates, as well as a custom tab featuring detailed info on the wines, characters, and a monthly consumer challenge where rotating Seeker characters pose a question and consumers respond (in words or images) for a chance to win a prize.

Twitter profile with 150 followers and daily updates, as well as a consumer challenge for consumers to upload a picture with The Seeker Wines for a chance to win a Seeker compass and luggage tag

• Foodspotting (website and mobile app) profile with guides of where to find The Seeker around the country and coming consumer challenges to tag and upload images of the Seeker in restaurants and stores

• Pinterest profile, coming soon.

We invite you to look for “The Seeker. It’s Out There.”

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