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12 Top-Rated Sake Brands, Ranked

February 8, 2024

Sake is a delicious alcoholic beverage from Japan, boasting an umami-forward quality that has earned a place among the world’s most famous fermented refreshments. Sake requires its admirers to take on a bit of a learning curve, and when it comes to choosing the right type, taste, and, of course, beverage brand, sake is as intimidating as it is tasty.

Joto, meaning “highest quality” in English, is a true-to-its-name sake brand. Joto sake can be found on almost any shelf alongside the other big-name sake brands. The quality and quick surge in popularity of Joto sake is because of the company’s careful selection and curation of Japan-based sake breweries.

Excerpt Taken From: Yahoo Life “Tasting Table”
Author: Isabella Cook

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