"The Seeker Cabernet Sauvignon is as enticing as reclaiming a gem, but not nearly so dangerous."

The Seeker

Isadora Cortez


Isadora Cortez was a liberator, known for giving wings to that which could not fly - and was not hers to set free. But to be fair, she only took that which had already been unjustly taken.

With a mischievous grin and a black mane veiling her wild eyes, she captured fortune in great, heaping fistfuls. Near and far, she pocketed her plunders and stealthily fled with rings of pearl, golden amulets, and sapphires the size of plums.

Some say Isadora was a frolicking bandit bounding through a darkened sky, a tip-toeing trickster who believed life was hers for the taking. And to that we say, Indeed, she was. And a truly great one.

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