"Our only creature comfort on expeditions to discover overseas remedies."

The Seeker

Friedrich & Gretchen Wagner


Physician pioneers Friedrich and Gretchen Wagner were hailed as wandering wizards, renowned for the medical miracles that followed in their wake. Wherever they went, whispers of, "The Doctor is here," flowed through the citrus-scented air.

Friedrich and Gretchen Wagner thought this was superstitious hogwash. For they were expeditionist scientists with a plan: they pursued a panacea, a cure for all the world's ailments. Pointing their majestic balloon-airship toward far-flung lands, they used their mobile laboratory to treat patients and collect concoctions in hopes of refining their restorative remedy. Some say Friedrich and Gretchen were full of hot air, shameless charlatans who seized resources for their own ends. And to that we say, "Indeed, they were. And truly great ones."

The Seeker…It's out there.

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