This sake is made by the Marumoto Brewery, founded in 1867 in Okayama Prefecture at the base of the Chikurin mountains. It is an estate-grown sake, using 100% Yamada Nishiki rice grown by the brewers. They grow their rice according to high ecological standards, favoring high quality over high yields. The Chikurin mountains are also home to the largest astrophysical observatory in Japan. For the same reason Okayama is known for its high-quality rice and produce, it is also perfect for stargazing; called “The Land of Sunshine”, Okayama boasts some of the highest number of clear days in Japan.

Fukamari Junmai is made in a unique solera-like aging process developed by 6th generation President and Toji, Niichiro Marumoto. Each bottle is a blend of new and 3-8 years’ aged sake. This process adds incredible depth and flavor to the finished sake. Inspired by deep field long-lasting observations of space, Marumoto san explores how time and history reveal new flavors and traits in the sake.

Tasting Note

On the palate find notes of dried apricot, sea salt and cedar. Elegant layers of umami unfold with each sip. Enjoy chilled, room temperature or gently warmed, and pair with grilled fish, roasted meat or flavorful cheese.

Technical Data
REGION: Okayama
GRADE: Junmai
RICE: Homegrown Yamada Nishiki
Unique Selling Points
  • Made in a unique solera-like system that blends new and 3-8 years’ aged sake
  • 100% homegrown Yamada Nishiki rice, grown by the brewers
  • Located in Okayama, known as the “Land of Sunshine” for having the highest number of clear days in Japan, which makes it great for growing region for high-quality rice and also researching and observing deep space
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