St. Francis featured at Canine Companions: Jason Morgan POE

Private Point of Entry Events introduce prospective donors to Canine Companions. Guests participate at the invitation of a friend or colleague who serves as an “ambassador” for our mission. These events are typically one- to three-hour introductory events that educate and inspire guests with facts and stories about our mission. Most POE events include fundraising.

Kobrand wines featured at Boca Bacchanal: South Florida Wine Festival

Our popular and well-established event draws over 2,000 guests from throughout South Florida who enjoy a deluxe food and wine experience. Boca Bacchanal brings together world class chefs and vintners, offering their finest specialties, while providing residents and visitors with a delightful opportunity to support an outstanding cause. Since its inception in 2003, the Boca Bacchanal Wine & Food Festival has attracted scores of top chefs and hundreds of prized vintners from the United States and beyond.

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