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July 11, 2019 100 Points - Irresistible Wine Advocate

Full-bodied, relative to this elegant vertical, this also is one of the most delicious in the group, lush, sexy and irresistible. There are touches of chocolate and a long finish. It is just a bit more mature than the 1997, but certainly far, far more expressive while still showing impeccable balance. It is still youthful enough to tighten with air, though. There is brilliant structure to go with brilliant fruit. A couple of hours after being poured, it was better than my first taste. This was one of my favorites, one of the greats of this vertical. The only argument here that anyone can have is how great it is. Right at the moment, I'm thinking "pretty great." This is also a good time to approach it. It has a long life ahead, but it is sexy and succulent now.

— Mark Squires

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