The vineyards are located in the Leyda Valley, roughly 1 mile from the coast, planted on low hills, with granitic soils and lots of clay. The vines are planted at a density of 3,000 plants per acre and trained vertically. Pruning aims to achieve low yields so the grapes ripen a little earlier. Canopies are kept intact throughout harvest (unlike for other varieties), in order to keep the bunches well covered, thereby preserving very good aroma in the skins.

Tasting Note

Bold characteristics with notes of pineapple and white peach and a hint of lime. There are also plant notes of boxwood, tomato leaf, and fresh green chilli pepper. The palate is fresh and smooth, with medium body.

Food Pairing

Pair with oysters, shellfish, or goat cheese bruschetta.

Unique Selling Points
  • Vineyard is located in the Leyda Valley, only 9 miles from the Pacific Ocean
  • Use of canopies keeps the bunches well covered to preserve the aromas in the skins
  • The grapes were handpicked at the coolest time of day to preserve their delicate qualities
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