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Tenute Silvio Nardi

Mario Pisanu & Davide Crastus


Mario Pisanu

Mario Pisanu was born in Sorgono, Sardinia on November 29 1970. There, every family has a little vineyard, and from this little vineyard his passion for wine started.  He graduated from Florence University with a degree in Viticulture and Oenology with a dissertation on “Glycerol production depending on different yeast strain”.  He also attended the  University of Sassari and received a traineeship at Sella e Mosca in Alghero.

After his traineeship he has worked at Massa and Montebelli wineries in Tuscany.  Since 2011 he is the cellar master at Tenute Nardi.  His philosophy is that making wine is like caring about a little child; you need to pay attention, it takes little to make him smile or cry and you will never have two identical children.  Preconception is not an option and you need to taste, taste and re-taste.  His hobbies are fishing and anything that involves the sea.

Davide Crastus

Davide Crastus was born in Ghilarza, Sardinia on April 27 1985. He got his degree in Viticulture and Oenology from Pisa University in 2009.  He also received an European professional qualification as cellar master in 2008.

Prior to joining Tenute Silvio Nardi he worked in several Italian cellars: Cantine Ermes (Sicilia), Cantina Badia di Morrona (Toscana), Cantine Sardus Pater (Sardegna).  He has also perfected his craft abroad as cellarmaster at Rockford Wine (Australia), Winery of Good Hope (South Africa), Seifried estate winery (New Zealand) and Finca El Origen (Argentina).  In 2018 he came back to Italy to work at Tenute Silvio Nardi. 

His philosophy is that every harvest is a great enrichment, give thanks for being able to work in making wine, avoiding errors you have already committed and always search for new efficient solutions.  His hobbies are music and artisanal brewery.

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