Natasha Bridge is the chief blender for the Fladgate Partnership. She has worked to raise the standing of all the Portos she works with to ensure high levels complexity and consistency never waiver in her blends.

Taylor Fladgate

Natasha Bridge

Chief Blender

Natasha Bridge represents the next generation of the Robertson family in the Port trade, and is a descendant of the Yeatman line of Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman. Her father, Alistair Robertson, is chairman of the Fladgate Partnership.

An Acute Taste Memory

Bridge studied at UC Davis and then moved to London to work with the famous U.K. wine importer Mentzendorff & Company before returning to Portugal to work in the blending room. With a phenomenal memory for the Ports she has tasted over the years and an unmovable drive for quality and complexity, she is certainly the leading lady in Port today.


Natasha Bridge is a mother of three children and is married to Adrian Bridge, the CEO of the Fladgate Partnership. She devotes any spare time to yoga, skiing and an eclectic stable of pets.

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