Santa Martina

About the Brand

from: Italy

Points of Distinction
  • Handcrafted with true Italian authenticity, which translates to food-friendly, appealing flavors and superb value for money.
  • All fruit is hand harvested, and wine is vinified using an ultra-cold process with no added sulfites.
  • Cutting-edge standards: modern cold temperature fermentations, stainless steel tanks, judicious use of oak.

Santa Martina blends a handcrafted, artisanal approach to winemaking with cutting-edge quality standards and techniques. The fruit is hand harvested from low-yielding vineyards in prime growing areas in the classic wine regions of Tuscany, the Veneto and Lombardy. Modern scientific techniques are used in the cellar, including cold temperature stainless steel fermentations and judicious use of oak, resulting in a pure expression of each wine type.

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