Riesling Roche Calcaire


Riesling Roche Calcaire

Certified Sustainable, Organic or Biodynamic Green Certified

Region: France / Alsace

Limestone (Calcaire) is an important formation in Alsace and is located on the foothills of the Vosges mountains. Different geological eras can be found in Alsace, and usually, the oldest types have less free lime and the opposite for the younger soils. This wine is mostly made from vineyards planted by my father in the 60s and 70s around the village of Gueberschwihr (home of the Humbrecht family). They are located on rich young limestone, quite deep soils that take longer to warm up, giving a late ripening cycle to the grapes. Limestone soils make broad wines with firm acidity. This is a very consistent wine made from vineyards that perform very well in warm years. The fermentation is always slower and so is the evolution in bottle.

93 Points

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2018 vintage
94 Points


2019 vintage
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tasting note

Taut and energetic presence with bright citrus skin nuances, subtle floral notes, and a firm foundation of wet stone essence.

food pairing

Ideal with sauteed or roasted fish, scallops and lobster.

points of distinction

  • Essentially a 2nd wine from young vines in the Clos Windsbuhl "calcaire" terroir
  • Roche wines are an attractive entry into the very specific terroir-driven sites
  • Riesling from calcaire subsoils delivers an incisive and precise expression
  • about the grape +
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Good wine is made by people who actually do everything they say they are doing.

– Olivier Humbrecht M.W., Winemaker

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