Gewürztraminer Roche Roulée


Gewürztraminer Roche Roulée

Certified Sustainable, Organic or Biodynamic Green Certified

Region: France / Alsace / Vins D'Alsace

This is a rather exotic and intense version of gewurztraminer, very ripe and clearly an expression of the Turckheim mixed stone terroir. While the wine is obviously rich with a high degree of alcohol it is also relatively dry.

93 Points

2019 vintage
93 Points

2018 vintage
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tasting note

Exotic aromas of peach, apricot, lychee and leather suggest a robust palate presence. The wine is expansive and velvety with a creamy texture over the long finish. This is Indice 2 so just slightly off-dry.

food pairing

This pairs well with assertive cuisines with personality, including chile heat, black pepper, various types of curry. This will also accompany salty or aged cheeses with strong character.

points of distinction

  • A Roche series wine with intensity and typicity for early consumption
  • The Roulee wines are generous and forward, due to full sun exposure and stony soils
  • A crucial link between the basic gewurztraminer and more lofty Grand Cru expressions
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Good wine is made by people who actually do everything they say they are doing.

– Olivier Humbrecht M.W., Winemaker

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