Honjozo “Beautiful Lily”

Yuri Masamune Sake

Honjozo “Beautiful Lily”

Region: Japan / Akita

Produced in Akita by the Saiya Brewery, makers of Yuki No Bosha, this is a favorite among locals of the region. Yuri is the name of the local area of Honjo-shi and Masamune is an old term for Japanese sake. This sake is mellow and rustic and has a firm structure, which makes it enjoyable at a range of temperatures, from chilled to warm. Its nutty and earthy notes are balanced by an underlying fruitiness and it complements grilled meats, stews and fish.

tasting note

Mellow and rustic, with a nutty, mild sweetness.

food pairing

Best at room temperature or mildly heated; pair with grilled meats, and salty, briny flavors.

Grade: Honjozo
Seimaibuai: 68%
Nihonshudo: +2.5
Rice: Hitomibore
Yeast: House Yeast
Pressing: Yabuta
Alcohol Percentage: 16%

points of distinction

  • The competition batch of this sake earned 92 points from Robert Parker recently, one of his top scores.
  • The brewmaster of this sake is one of the most esteemed in Japan.
  • Super-layered, elegant, complex.
Yurimasamune-honjozo-720-front_500 Yurimasamune-230

Sake is a product of the natural reaction of koji rice and yeast that as humans we cannot imitate.

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