Vino Rosso Dolce

Tutto Mio

Vino Rosso Dolce

Region: Italy / Emilia Romagna
Grapes: A proprietary blend of grapes, all native to Emilia Romagna

Tutto Mio was born out of the rich culinary and wine-making traditions of the Emilia Romagna region in Northern Italy, which is the birthplace of parmesan, prosciutto & balsamic vinegar. Made with native grapes harvested from clay and gravel soils, the wines undergo long skin contact before a second fermentation in the charmat method. The result is a style of lightly sparkling, fruit forward and delicately sweet red that is typical of the region.

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tasting note

Bursting with sweet, ripe red fruit flavors, featuring notes of cherry, strawberry and blackberry. The delicate sweetness is combined with a light, refreshing fizz, all at just 7.5% alcohol by volume.

technical data

GRAPES: A proprietary blend of grapes, all native to Emilia Romagna
ACIDITY: 6.5 g/l
ABV: 7.5

points of distinction

  • Sweet and fruity lightly sparkling red wine
  • Pairs well with a wide variety of foods
  • Produced in Emilia Romagna, Italy
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Winemaking in Emilia Romagna dates back thousands of years. Wines with a fruity sweetness and a slight natural sparkle are a traditional complement to the foods of this region.

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