Shizuku Junmai Daiginjo “Silent Samurai”

Shichi Hon Yari Sake

Shizuku Junmai Daiginjo “Silent Samurai”

Region: Japan / Shiga

“Shizuku” means “drops,” because the sake is not pressed, but rather allowed to drip out of cloth bags filled with the finished brew. Shizuku daiginjos are light and ethereal. This is a junmai daiginjo but maintains the Shichi Hon Yari style which is earthy and rustic. The pressed version of this sake was in the top group of Robert Parker’s recent tasting of 800 sakes.

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tasting note

Ethereal and delicate in keeping with the shizuku (free run) method, but showing Shichi Hon Yari's style with toasty notes of brown butter.

food pairing

Delicious on its own, gently chilled, or excellent with triple cream cheese and fatty tuna.

Region: Shiga
Grade: Shizuku Junmai Daiginjo
Seimaibuai: 45%
Nihonshudo: +4.0
Rice: Tamazakae
Yeast: Association #1401
Pressing: Shizuku

points of distinction

  • Tamazakae rice is highly polished, and slowly fermented at a lower temperature.
  • Sake is not pressed but drips out of cloth bags filled with the finished brew
  • Only a small amount collected by this pressing method, this is a limited item
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Shichi Hon Yari is named after the seven spearsmen who became legends at the battle of Shizugatake fought just outside the town of Kinomoto in 1583.

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