Junmai “The Seven Spearsmen”

Shichi Hon Yari Sake

Junmai “The Seven Spearsmen”

Region: Japan / Shiga

This sake is made at the 3rd oldest brewery in Japan, the Tomita Brewery, which was founded in the 1540's. It is managed by the 15th generation of the family. Despite the long history of this brewery, the current brewmaster and son, Yasunobu is one of the leaders of a new generation of sake makers.

85 Points

World Sake Challenge

Reserve Class Champion

Houston Rodeo and Wine Competition

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tasting note

Dried mushroom on the nose; viscous and creamy in weight and texture; bright grapefruit notes on palate; crisp finish.

food pairing

Serve room temperature or warmed with mushroom risotto, nutty cheese, or stews.

Region: Shiga
Grade: Junmai
Seimaibuai: 60%
Nihonshudo: +4.0
Rice: Tamazakae
Yeast: Association #1401
Pressing: Fune

points of distinction

  • Made at the 3rd oldest brewery in Japan, the Tomita Brewery, founded in the 1540's
  • Managed by the 15th generation of the family
  • Technically qualifying as a junmai ginjo, this junmai is a great introduction to sake
Tomita-brewery-230 Map-230

Shichi Hon Yari is named after the seven spearsmen who became legends at the battle of Shizugatake fought just outside the town of Kinomoto in 1583.

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