Junmai Namazake Spring Seasonal “Fresh Katana”

Shichi Hon Yari Sake

Junmai Namazake Spring Seasonal “Fresh Katana”

Region: Japan / Shiga

Founded in the 1540’s in the small town of Kinomoto in the Shiga Prefecture, the Tomita Brewery is one of the oldest breweries in Japan. They use locally grown indigenous Tamazakae rice, and are blessed with natural spring water from the nearby Ibuki mountains, which is perfect for brewing. Every step of the process is done by hand. This namazake, or unpasteurized sake, is a seasonal sake only available in the winter immediately after fermentation is finished.

tasting note

Brash, yeasty, biscuity nose; fresh, grapefruity flavors; sharp and clean finish.

food pairing

Serve chilled on its own or with pickles, salads, or other bright flavors.

Rice: Tamazakae
Yeast: #1401
SMB: 60%
SMV: +4.7
ABV: 17-18%
Acidity: 2.0
Shubo: Sokujo
Pressing: Fune
Pasteurization: Once in bottle

points of distinction

  • The Tomita Brewery’s annual spring namazake release.
  • It represents the style of the type, but still maintains the brewery’s character.
Tomita-brewery-230 Map-230

Shichi Hon Yari is named after the seven spearsmen who became legends at the battle of Shizugatake fought just outside the town of Kinomoto in 1583.

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