Umeshu “The Plum One”


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Umeshu “The Plum One”

Region: Japan / Shimane

Umeshu is a category of sake unto itself and a celebrated national drink in Japan. Umeshu is made from Japanese plums, or “ume,” which are the fruit of Japan. “Ume” are famously used to make “umeboshi,” pickled plums, which is a ubiquitous Japanese delicacy. Umeshu is such an integral part of Japanese culture that many Japanese make their own Umeshu by steeping ume in sake. Umeshu should not be confused with “plum wine,” which is usually made with generic, distilled spirit, instead of sake. Plum wine is almost always made with flavoring instead of fresh plums. Joto Umeshu is made in the traditional way, by macerating fresh ume in sake for months before blending again with sake to achieve the perfect balance.

tasting note

Bright, rich plum notes with deep sweetness and powerful acidity in the finish. Excellent with club soda on the rocks. Exceptional mixed in a creative, Asian-inspired cocktail.

Region: Shimane
Grade: Junmai
Seimaibuai: 70%
Nihonshudo: -50
Rice: Gohyakumankoku for koji/Shimane table rice for brewing
Yeast: #901
Pressing: Yabuta for sake; mesh strainer for finished umeshu

points of distinction

  • Joto Umeshu is made with locally grown, Shimane, ume.
  • It is made in a traditional method of macerating ume in sake.
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Sake can be simplified without being simple

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