Sparkling Sake “Blue Clouds”

Hou Hou Shu Sake

Sparkling Sake “Blue Clouds”

Region: Japan / Okayama

Created by the Marumoto brewery in 2001, this sparkling sake is bottle fermented. Made like Champagne, the first of its type in Japan and the highest quality sparkling sake imported into the USA. The complexity and layers of flavor in this sake are widely loved among both Japanese and American consumers. Each bottle is hand bottled with utmost care; highest quality of this type is a core value for the Marumoto brewery.

Gold Medal

Houston Rodeo and Wine Competition

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tasting note

Soft and creamy with delicate carbonation, showing notes of peach yogurt and cream soda.

food pairing

Serve chilled with berry desserts.

Region: Okayama
Seimaibuai: 69%
Nihonshudo: -40
Rice: Akebono
Yeast: #9
Pressing: Yabuta

points of distinction

  • Produced in a manner similar to champagne
  • This sake goes through a secondary fermentation in the bottle, producing natural carbonation.
Hou-hou-shu-rice-230 Hanahouhoushu-230

The Marumoto Brewery is known as nousan sakagura, the “Farmers’ Brewery,” because the people who grow the rice also make the sake. Their passion, care and knowledge go into every step of every bottle

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