Rosé Sparkling Sake “Rosé Clouds”

Hou Hou Shu Sake

Rosé Sparkling Sake “Rosé Clouds”

Region: Japan / Okayama

This sake is made exactly the same as Hou Hou Shu “Blue Clouds”, plus the infused addition of rose hips and hibiscus. This pink version, while technically the same as Hou Hou Shu “Blue Clouds”, has a different complexity resembling tea-like phenolics, herbal quality, rosy red fruit and an extra drying sensation on the palate.

tasting note

Rasberry on nose, cranberry on palate. Overall fruity but finishes mildly tart.

food pairing

Serve chilled with fruit desserts.

Region: Okayama
Seimaibuai: 69%
Nihonshudo: -40
Rice: Akebono
Yeast: #9
Pressing: Yabuta

points of distinction

  • Brewed with rose hip and hibiscus to produce its pink color and dry finish.
Hou-hou-shu-rice-230 Hanahouhoushu-230

The Marumoto Brewery is known as nousan sakagura, the “Farmers’ Brewery,” because the people who grow the rice also make the sake. Their passion, care and knowledge go into every step of every bottle

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