Ban Ryu Honjozo “10,000 Ways”

Eiko Fuji Sake

Ban Ryu Honjozo “10,000 Ways”

Region: Japan / Yamagata

Ban Ryu means “ten thousand ways.” It is an expression used in the sake world to answer the question, in how many ways is one sake different from another. The answer, in 10 Thousand Ways: the yeast, the koji, timing of brewing, etc., It also means, more informally, “versatility.” The brewery tries to catch both meanings in its name, however, they passionately believe it can be enjoyed in 10 Thousand ways–chilled, warmed, hot, with light food, heavy food, sweet food and spicy food.

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tasting note

Low aroma, light and fruity, with undertones of black currant, finishing crisp and clean.

food pairing

Serve chilled, room temperature, or warmed. Pair with a range of flavors from acidic green salads to oily ramen

Region: Yamagata
Grade: Honjozo
Seimaibuai: 65%
Nihonshudo: +1
Rice: Yamagata table rice
Yeast: Association #10
Pressing: Yabuta
Brewery: Fuji Brewery

points of distinction

  • Made by the Fuji Brewery, which was founded in 1778.
  • Ban Ryu is the flagship product of the brewery.
  • It appeals to a wide range of palates with an equally wide range of food pairings.
Eiko-fuji-230 Eiko-fuji-1-230

The Kato’s named their sake “Eiko Fuji,” or “Glorious Mount Fuji” in honor of Japan’s most beloved symbol.

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