Sparkling Peach


Sparkling Peach

Region: Italy

The grapes grow on the cool hilltops of northern Italy’s Lombardy region, where the northern-lying Alps shield the low-yielding hillside vineyards from harsh weather and the 20-year-old Guyot-trained vines benefit from a superb blend of white marl and chalky soils. During harvest, the fruit is carefully handpicked and pressed. Finally natural peach aromas are added for truly special wine.

tasting note

Soft and elegant with lively bubbles, this sweet sparkling wine has intense aromas and flavors of freshly picked peaches, honeysuckle and citrus.

food pairing

Perfect with light desserts such as pastries, sorbet or fresh fruit.

technical data

PH: 3.15
ACIDITY: 4.4 g/l
ABV: 6.4%

points of distinction

  • Fruit-forward with natural peach flavor
  • A preferred natural second fermentation results in a superior effervescence.
  • Perfect with any fruit dessert
  • Contains about half the alcohol of most white wines
  • Distinctive and stylish packaging paired with high-quality winemaking
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The fruit for each Caposaldo wine is hand harvested from low-yielding vineyards in prime growing areas in the classic wine regions of Tuscany, the Veneto and Lombardy.

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