King Malbec

Bodega Norton

King Malbec

Region: Argentina / Mendoza

From the stony feet of the Andes where the sun fills the sky over the vast landscape, a wine is born fit for royalty. Its natural birthright, King Malbec rules Mendoza. A natural born leader, the king is masterful and charismatic. To be a king, one must have commanding presence, knowledge, and skill to compel action. Make it happen. Be an influencer. Raise a glass with King Malbec, the magnificent one.

tasting note

Deep red with violet hues and aromas of ripe red fruits, cassis, and peppers. Sweet on the palate, with some spicy notes leading to a long finish.

food pairing

Pairs perfectly with grilled steaks, burgers, and braised meat dishes, as well as aged, hard cheeses.

points of distinction

  • Grown in stony soils at the base of the Andes mountain range in Mendoza.
  • Grapes are hand-picked and hand-sorted to ensure quality.
  • Fun and expressive style intended to be enjoyed, but not taken too seriously.
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Founded in 1895, Bodega Norton is one of the most awarded Argentinean wine brands in the U.S. with more than 150 international wine awards to date. Bodega Norton combines a modern, state-of-the-art facility with rich heritage and old world charm.

– David Bonomi, Chief Winemaker

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