Two vineyards, in the renowned regions of Friuli Grave and Collio, allow two different expressions of Pinot Grigio.


Terroir & Vineyards

The Friuli Grave Property

Geological variation in Friuli Grave, in which Pighin's principal holdings are situated, is quite pronounced, and this phenomenon led to a careful selection of varieties best suited to each mesoclimate within the Pighin estate.

Sandy clay soils in the eastern vineyard zone are best suited to red grape varieties. It is the extensive western vineyard zone, with its meager, chalky stone and gravel soils (for which the Friuli Grave region is named), that is ideal for cultivation of white vine varieties. Just under 150 acres of Pinot Grigio are planted in this portion of the property, using the guyot system, with acreage devoted to other white grapes as well. Overall yield averages between 9 and 10 tons of grapes per hectare depending on the variety.

The climate, cool yet moderated by the proximity of water and the sun's reflective effect on the stony soils, allows a long growing season to ripen the fruit well into autumn.

Pig_collio_estate_1 Estate Collio Vineyard

The Collio Property

The Collio property at Capriva, along the eastern border of Grave del Friuli and within sight of Slovenia, lies on some of the sunniest and most beautiful hillsides of the area, all with southern exposure. The yield of this vineyard is limited in part by its natural physical characteristics of deep gravel soil and pronounced incline, resulting in a yield of only 5 or 6 tons of fruit per hectare, depending on the grape variety. This vineyard is planted in Pinot Grigio pruned to guyot, and other white and red varieties. The wines are fermented at a winery at the vineyards’ edge, which is maintained separately from the facilities for Friuli Grave.


Fernando Pighin & Fruili is certified by GLOBALG.A.P. - a global organization with the objective of safe, sustainable agricultural practices. They set voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the globe. To qualify for this certification, the Pighin family vineyards are maintained with organic farming methods on 1,128 acres.

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