In Cristian’s free time he enjoys gardening, horticulture, fishing and taking care of his tropical marine aquarium. He loves spending time with his family, and cheering on his favorite soccer teams.


Cristian Peres


Cristian Peres was born in Udine, Italy on August 18, 1973. He is married with two sons, Francesco and Clara. Cristian is an Agricultural Expert specializing in Viticulture and Oenology and graduated from The Instituo Tecnico Agrario “Paolino D’Aquileia” in 1994. During his last year of study he interned at Pighin Wineries where he was known for his dedication, and passion for winemaking. Immediately after graduating he was hired by Pighin wineries and was trained by Head Winemaker Paolo Valdesolo. He has over 25 years of experience, and is a master in vinification.

Over the years Cristian has participated in The Italian Wine Oenologists Association tastings for various oenological competitions at regional and national levels. He currently participates in technical and sensory updating courses. In 2007 Cristian, and his former classmates started a project for the revitalization of water wells in Kenya.  Each year they bottle a wine that is carefully selected and known to be the cuvee of the fruit, these wines are then donated by each winery where they are produced.  The proceeds of these precious bottles are entirely donated to support this noble project called "Diamo un taglio alla sete” (Let's give a cut to the thirst).

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