When tasting Larressingle Armagnac you can expect a rich, flavorful unique distillate.


Serving Suggestions

Married to perfection in casks crafted of local Gascony black oak, you can taste the strength and subtle aromas in the Larressingle Armagnac by wafting the glass by your nose, and then sipping a small taste to truly evaluate why Larressingle is the leader in its category.

When enjoying Larressingle Armagnac on its own, take the time to sip, and cherish the flavor you will not find elsewhere. Enjoy this to start with a goat cheese, a rhubarb tart, or possibly move onto a Gers  tradition of Fois Gras, and finish with a dark chocolate. You can continue to drink Larressingle Armagnac throughout the whole meal, and pair it to perfection.


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