Joto’s mission is to serve as a bridge between Japanese artisanal sake and the American market

Joto Sake

Henry Sidel

Founder & General Manager

Henry Sidel is the Founder and General Manager of Joto Sake, the sake division of Kobrand Wine and Spirits.  Henry started Joto Sake LLC in 2005 with the vision of creating the most selective and respected sake importing company in the U.S.  He grew the company from three breweries with distribution in one State to nine breweries with distribution in thirty States, covering all major markets.  Joto means “highest quality” and this was the guiding principle for Henry and his team.  Before starting Joto Sake, Henry held management roles at Belvedere Vodka/Moet Hennessy, Brooklyn Brewery, and Ciao Bella Gelato. 

In 2016, Joto Sake was acquired by Kobrand Wine and Spirits.  As General Manager of the Joto Sake Division, Henry reports directly to Kobrand’s CEO, Bob DeRoose, who has championed Joto’s growth within Kobrand.  Today, Joto Sake and Kobrand import from 10 family-owned sake breweries, all in different regions of Japan: when combined, they represent 1,971 years and 73 generations of family, sake-making history.

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