From professional trumpet player to winemaker....

Don Olegario

Did You Know

In 1980, Olegario Falcón Piñeiro, or Don Olegario, took over the Rías Baixas bodega his father had begun in the 1950s, but until then he had a different career: he was a professional trumpet player.

Don Olegario began playing the trumpet when he was 12 years old and eventually attended the Conservatory of Cambados and Pontevedra. He became very well known for his concerts all over Spain playing jazz, standards and other genres with groups such as Lembranza, Krazzy-Kry and Diosiño. But Adolfo Falcón’s last wish was to see his son continue his own work in wine, and Don Olegario set down his trumpet to become a winemaker. Today, Don Olegario plays for his friends and family and the occasional charity concert.

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