Suscol-5-27-10-tmc-smaller- Suscol Springs Estate Vineyard

A certified Napa Green Winery since 2008, and will be 100% certified Napa Green Land by 2014.

Cakebread Cellars

Green Practices

Cakebread Cellars is a certified Napa Green Winery since 2008 and farms 191 acres certified Napa Green Land. The Napa Green Winery program promotes reducing energy, total waste and water use and encourages recycling in all aspects of winery operations. In 2010 Cakebread Cellars’ team reduced total waste by 12% and recycled 81% of its total waste. The winery has been awarded several PGE grants to reduce energy use by installing energy efficient refrigeration pumps, controllers and lighting.

In the vineyards Cakebread Cellars is active in certifying all its vineyards in the Napa Green Land program, which promotes sustainable farming practices, restores fish and wildlife habitat and improves water quality in the local streams. As of 2011, 191 acres of a total 460 acres is Napa Green Land certified, and Cakebread plans to have all properties certified by 2014. In 2010, Cakebread’s Suscol Springs Vineyard was the first vineyard presented with a sustainability award by the Napa County Resource Conservation District and received recognition as a model hillside vineyard development.

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