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Should We Prepare for a Champagne Shortage?

December 10, 2022

Not to burst any bubbles, but when it comes to supply and demand, champagne does find itself in a tricky position.

There are few things more festive than a bottle of champagne. Even just the sound of a cork popping can enliven a room. It’s only natural then, that champagne flows most prominently during the holiday season, and serves as an integral part of our celebratory fetes, toasts to friends and family, and of course, sips at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. Consequently, many were understandably nervous when rumors began to circulate (once again) that we could be looking at a shortage of the bubbly stuff as the year is coming to a close. So how worried do we need to be about our champagne flutes running dry?

“After Covid, I think that people rediscovered the power of positivity of champagne,” says Vitalie Taittinger, the President of Champagne Taittinger. “I think that when you are starving to get out, starving to party, starving to see people you love, champagne is an option … to make a simple moment extraordinary. So, it’s true that after Covid we observed that people want to drink champagne. ”

Exceprt taken from Town & Country
Author: Anastassiya Bezhekeneva

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