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Montes named one of the Best Vineyards in South America 2022

November 17, 2022

Montes has been named the “Best Vineyard in South America” for 2022 by World’s Best Vineyard’s.

Opened in 2004, the winery features gravitational technology, a sustainable ethos and feng shui design supervised by expert Sylvia Galleguillos. Using the philosophy’s principles to find deeper union with its surroundings and, ultimately, wines, it highlights the elements of metal, wood, earth, fire and water wherever possible. So the entrance is accessed via a wooden path over a small lagoon of water flowing towards the building; at its core, a fountain resembling a lily opens up to a skylight above, connecting the building with the outer world. Elsewhere, you’ll find metal in the stainless steel tanks that ferment the wine, wood in the French oak barrels used to age it and the 445-hectare forest, earth pushed to its true potential by the promotion of biodiversity, and some serious fire at the restaurant, overseen by Argentinian celebrity chef – and open fire expert – Francis Mallmann.

Nestled into the vineyards, Fuegos de Apalta has a fire pit at its centre, used to smoke, roast and grill the food. It blends gastronomy with theatre and nature’s fiercest weapon, a fitting culmination to a morning spent hiking or cycling through the vineyards, maybe taking in the 6km botanical trail highlighting just some of more than 100 different species of natural vegetation in the grounds.

Guided tours will take you down to the cellars, where you’ll find 800 oak barrels in a spectacular semi-circular arrangement being serenaded by Gregorian chants to give the wines the optimal ageing conditions. Everything’s a bit otherworldly here, with an overarching sense of calm and positivity.

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