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Belle de Brillet

Kobrand Represents Belle de Brillet Poire Williams’ in the U.S.

September 21, 2012

Kobrand Corporation has signed a long-term marketing and sales agreement for the exclusive representation of Belle de Brillet Poire Williams’ in the U.S. The agreement between Kobrand and Maison Brillet took effect on August 1st, 2012, and activation transitions on October 1st, 2012.

Kobrand’s network of high quality distributor partners will represent Belle de Brillet, created by the Brillet family’s tenth generation in the 1980’s. Belle de Brillet is a brilliantly harmonious marriage of the aromatic Williams pear variety with a delicate, fruity Brillet cognac. Sealed with a cork and presented in an elegant pear-shaped glass bottle, Belle de Brillet has increasingly become a favorite of gourmets, distinguished palates and bar chefs around the world.

In partnering with Maison Brillet, Kobrand anticipates expanding the awareness and presence of this high-image, high quality, all-natural offering, “By capitalizing on its uniqueness, versatility and exceptional taste profile,” explained John A. Pennacchio, Kobrand’s Director of Spirits. Belle de Brillet possesses the key consumption characteristic sought by mixologists and consumers… naturally complex flavors and depth of character.

Belle de Brillet Liqueur will join the rapidly growing Spirits Division of Kobrand Wines & Spirits headed by Tom Congdon, Vice President and Managing Director of Spirits. A highly experienced brand marketing team under John A. Pennacchio, Director of Spirits, will be responsible for the transition, expansion, strategic direction and day-to-day management of this dynamic premium liqueur. Tom observed, “Belle de Brillet has demonstrated strong acceptance during its relatively short importation within the US. With greater exposure, distribution and proper sampling, it will capture even greater trade and consumer awareness and respect as we go forward.” On the new addition, Kobrand President and CEO Robert DeRoose offered, “Belle de Brillet Liqueur enjoys a most natural fit among the unique, high quality luxury offerings found within the Kobrand portfolio.”

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