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Jean Taittinger, heir to Champagne Taittinger, Dies at 89

September 28, 2012
Jean Marie Pierre Hubert Taittinger

Kobrand sadly notes the loss of a great man. Jean Taittinger, a longtime French legislator and heir to Champagne Taittinger, died on Sept. 23, 2012 at the age of 89. Jean was the father of Pierre-Emanuel Taittinger, who runs Champagne Taittinger today with his son Clovis and daughter Vitalie. Jean was honorary president of Champagne Taittinger, which was founded by his father Pierre in 1932. In a letter from Champagne Taittinger, Clovis said his grandfather Jean “Was actively involved with Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger throughout the family’s repurchase of Champagne Taittinger in 2006.”

Jean Marie Pierre Hubert Taittinger was born on Jan. 25, 1923. He fought against the Nazis toward the end of World War II before a long, distinguished career in politics and business. From 1959-1977, Jean served as Deputy Mayor of the city of Reims, one of the three historic towns in Champagne. He was also a member of French parliament from 1958-1974, serving as Secretary of State for Finance, Minister of Justice and Minister of State (Garde des Sceaux) from 1971-74 under President Georges Pompidou.

With his brother François, Jean expanded Champagne Taittinger and established the Société du Louvre from 1945-1959. Jean became President of the latter group of companies in luxury goods, cosmetics and high-end hotels in 1977.

An official statement from President Francois Hollande praised Mr. Taittinger for his loyalty to the state and his acumen in the business world, noting that with Jean’s death, “Our nation loses a great servant of the state and a great entrepreneur.” Of his grandfather Jean’s life, Clovis observed, “He served the city of Reims and the country with ambition, a strong sense of duty and general interest.”

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