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Michele Chiarlo

A Wine Educator’s Secrets for Perfectly Pairing Vegan Wine and Chocolate

April 12, 2024

Not all wines work well with chocolate, but a wine expert knows how to detect the perfect pairing. From dark to vegan white, discover which bottle of wine goes best with your chocolate bar. Vegan white chocolate works wonderfully with fruity, lightly sweet whites, and rosés, while vegan milk chocolate can play nice with some light reds that are low in tannins.

From Italy, look for bottles of Moscato d’Asti—a lightly sweet, sparkling dessert wine from the northern region. Its aromas tend to be a cross between a peachy fruit salad and a bunch of flowers. Michele Chiarlo’s Nivole Moscato is a standout bottle. Look for ruby styles of Port which tend to be sweet, fruity, and high in alcohol. Both Sandeman and Croft—two famous and historic Port producers—make high-quality LBV (late bottled vintage) styles that are vegan-friendly.

Excerpt Taken From: VegNews
Author: Sarah Phillips

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