September 25, 2021
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Joto Sake featured at Sake Day

Date & Time

September 25, 2021


Hotel Kabuki 1625 Post Street San Francisco, CA

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SAKE DAY is the largest and longest standing Nihonshu no Hi sake celebration outside of Japan and is sponsored by True Sake and The JCCCNC for the benefit of The Center that receives 100% of all ticket proceeds.

The event occurs every October 1st or the closest Saturday to that date, lasts for 4 hours, is attended by over 1,000 guests, and does not charge vendors/exhibitors a table fee. Guests receive a commemorative tasting cup, program, and have access to tasting over 300 imported and local craft sake, including the ceremonial Welcome Sake.

Featured Brands: Chikurin, Eiko Fuji, Fukuchitose, Hakuto, Hou Hou Shu, Izumo Fuji, Joto, Kameizumi, Maboroshi, Seikyo, Shichi Hon Yari, Taiheikai, Watari Bune, Yuki No Bosha, Yuri Masamune

Joto Sake Daiginjo “The One with the Clocks”
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