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Zoom image alternative names: Raboso Piave, Friularo, Raboso Veronese growing locations: Italy: the Veneto aromas: Violets, wild cherry, spicy
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Spicy, wild berry, and slightly feral, this wine has a robust and rustic character.

growing conditions

Burly red grape known as Raboso Piave, grown in northeast Italy’s region of Veneto on the flat valley floor of Piave, sometimes called Friularo. Also called Raboso Veronese and grown in Padova, Treviso, Venezia and Rovigo, in the Veneto.

origin and history

The name is believe to come from the Italian ‘rabbioso,’ or angry, which likely refers to the grape’s high acidity and rough tannins. This variety has excellent resistance to disease and rot, but it also has a markedly rustic character. Not high in alcohol, Raboso’s acidity and tannins give it an astringency that make it taste extremely austere when young. Often used as a blending grape. Vineyard plantings have continued to decline.

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