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alternative names: Palomino Fino, Listán, Fransdruif, White French growing locations: Spain: Jerez aromas: Dry: Bitter nut, lime, green apple; Sweet: caramel, burnt sugar
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In the production of sherry, Palomino Fino is the principal grape in the blend. Sherry is a unique wine produced through the solera system aided by a yeast called flor. The major types of sherry are fino – which can be almost tart and saline, yet nutty and oxidized – amontillado, manzanilla, oloroso, and cream, ranging from driest to sweetest.

growing conditions

Palomino is a high yielding vine with loose, generous bunches and large berries. It is sometimes grown as a table grape. It is susceptible to downy mildew and anthronose. The vine does best in warm, dry soil. Palomino berries are low in both acidity and sugar and prone to oxidation, making the grape suitable for sherry.

origin and history

Palomino almost certainly originated in Andalucía. It was once prevalent in the Galicia and Rueda areas, but these regions are being replanted to native varieties. It is also found in South Africa, the Canary Islands, Australia and California.

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