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Zoom image alternative names: Bianchetta, Barolo Bianco growing locations: Italy: Piedmont aromas: Pears, stone fruit and almonds
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Prone to low acidity, Arneis should usually be consumed while fresh. The wine is also produced in a passito style from raisinated grapes. Prior to DOC regulation, this white grape was sometimes blended with Nebbiolo to temper the tannin and acidity of Barolo.

growing conditions

Arneis is a vigorous vine of potentially high productivity. It is best cultivated in chalky, sandy soils that lend it structure.

origin and history

A native Piedmontese vine, Arneis originated in Roero. After approaching extinction in the early 1970s, Arneis was revived by a few producers in Piedmont who recognized its potential as a stand-alone variety.

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