Tia_coffee_liqueur_btl Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur

Tia Maria

About the Brand

from: Italy

Points of Distinction
  • Tia Maria is an exotic infusion of natural Madagascar vanilla and the finest fresh Arabica coffee roasted to perfection
  • Tia Maria is an ideal mixer in exotic cocktails, with rich copper and golden amber tones blended with an enticing caramel nose.
  • Tia Maria is coffee liqueur made with cane-based spirit, Arabica coffee, and a hint of vanilla.
  • Drink it alone or in cocktails to add a unique dimension and depth of flavor.

A Refined Blend Produces the Unique Taste of an Authentic Original

Tia Maria is a refined blend of high quality components.  Many factors contribute to the making of Tia Maria’s unique taste: ingredients are selected one by one and processed with the best production methods and technologies that have been developed over time in company laboratories.  Investment in research and development has continued, to develop and improve new methods of aromatic component extraction and blending, with the objective of preserving the authentic taste of the original recipe.

Tia Maria: Made With Great Attention to Detail

The world that surrounds the making of Tia Maria is one of knowledge and attention to detail. The mixing is done in accordance with the original recipe, precious vanilla beans of the highest quality give Tia Maria the delicate perfumed notes that can only be found in nature. Spring water accurately selected for its base purity and extra-fine white sugar blend with the most excellent coffee in a wonderful marriage.

Made exclusively using 100% Arabica coffee bean varieties, Tia Maria is carefully tested with predefined technical criteria by the Master Roaster and his team of technical experts in the quality control department which follows the entire production process from selection to roasting.

More Than a "Coffee Liqueur,” Tia Maria is Original and Versatile 

Nevertheless, it would be reductive to define Tia Maria as merely a "coffee liqueur:” Tia Maria is above all a "liqueur" with a taste that is the result of a fusion of precious ingredients, including the coffee. Its originality and versatility can be rediscovered in many combinations: while maintaining a distinctive and pleasant taste neat or over ice, in cocktails it retains a unique note and harmoniously combines with other ingredients without adding excess sugar, and always maintains a balanced, non-invasive presence when mixed and enhances the most refined aromas.

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