"The Seeker Sauvignon Blanc is the only thing I require for manhunts that cross the seven seas, giant metal octopus or no. Absolutely essential."

The Seeker

Captain Cornelius Weatherbee

New Zealand

Captain Cornelius Weatherbee was a restless reed of a man with a winning personality. With his tricorn hat and thinly-curled moustache, his appearance on the horizon cowed even the heartiest of men. Yet belying this gruff exterior, his clever machine was forever lifted by winds, no matter which direction they blew. Backed by spirits unknown, he was propelled by this wind, riding their drifts toward whatever – or whoever – needed finding. Some say Weatherbee was a mindless wanderer, a man with his head in the clouds and not a penny of sense. And to that we say, Indeed, he was. And a truly great one.

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