"Priscilla’s focus has been the family business in Bolgheri"

Tenuta San Guido

Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta


“Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta was born in 1975 in Rome, where she lived until she finished the French Lycée Chateaubriand in 1993. Between 1994 and 2000 she studied at University College London, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in History of Art, followed by a Master's Degree specialising in Italian Baroque Art.

Since returning to Italy, Priscilla’s focus has been the family business in Bolgheri. She has been acting as a "family ambassador" in many occasions, both in Italy and abroad. Her father Nicolò manages since 40 years the extensive family estate Tenuta San Guido in Bolgheri. He has devoted most of his energies to further developing Sassicaia, created by his father Mario in the 1940's maintaining Sassicaia's tradition of innovation and excellence.”

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