Daphne Malvasia Secco DOC

Medici Ermete

Daphne Malvasia Secco DOC

Region: Italy / Emilia Romagna / Reggio Emilia

AVAILABLE MARKETS - California, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas

Daphne secco is a sparkling dry white wine made using natural fermentation. 100% Malvasia grape, coming from the prestigious Tenuta La Rampata vineyard in Reggio Emilia province. Grown on Cordone Speronato (cordon trained spur pruned) vines in clay soil and with restricted yields. The wine is best served at a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and should be consumed within two years of vintage.

tasting note

Pale yellow in color, the wine has an aromatic and intense boquet. Dry, yet delicate, fresh and lively.

food pairing

An excellent pairing to Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, spaghetti with clams and vegetarian pasta dishes.

points of distinction

  • 5th generation, family owned
  • Grown on cordon-trained, spur pruned vines in soil
  • Made using natural fermentation
  • about the grape +
Rampata_230 Med_otello_venturelli

In perfect harmony with an area that maintains strong, solid links with its superb food and wine traditions, the Medici family takes the utmost care to ensure that only the very finest grapes are selected before being turned into first-class wine using the most modern technologies available.

– Otello Venturelli, Winemaker

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