Mazzano Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG

Masi Agricola

Mazzano Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG play

Region: Italy / Veneto

Masi Cru wines come from single vineyard (cru) sites selected by Masi from trails that began in the 1950s. Cru wines are reference point wines from the finest terroirs in Valpolicella. The historic Mazzano vineyard has been renowned for quality since the 12th Century, and its austere, majestic wine is a prototypical Amarone. Production is extremely limited and made only in the best years. Within Negrar commune, this vineyard has northeast/southwest exposure, an elevation of 350-415 metres, and brown soil of eocenic marls. Wide terraces are supported by natural, stone walls called ‘marogne.’

Amarone is made with the ancient method of 'appassimento' (drying of the grapes). The best bunches are dried on bamboo racks in farmhouse lofts with natural ventilation. By mid-February, the grapes weigh 35-40% less and are partially affected by botrytis due to cooler conditions. After delicate pressing, the dried grapes are partially destalked, fermented in large Slavonian oak botti, at very cold, natural temperatures until the sugar has completely transformed to alcohol, and malolactic occurs. Most of the wine is aged in 30-40 hl Slavonian oak botti; a portion is matured in 600-liter Slavonian and Allier oak casks; 1st, 2nd and 3rd usage, before a period in bottle.

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2011 vintage
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2011 vintage
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tasting note

This dark, ruby red wine has bold, elegant and austere aromas of violets, plums, incense, vanilla, candied fruit and cocoa. Palate flavors of plums, bitter and sweet cherries, candied fruit and hazelnut chocolate are full-bodied, soft and dry, before a long finish.

food pairing

Pairs well with red meats, game, quail and full-flavored dishes, as well as strong cheeses like parmesan and pecorino. Is also a great after-dinner wine.

points of distinction

  • Masi's Cru wines are reference point wines, from terroirs identified as the finest within Valpolicella.
  • This austere, majestic wine is a prototypical Amarone and benefits from aging in small oak barrels.
  • Production is extremely limited and made only in the best years.
  • Mazzano can age 35-40 years.
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“Masi wines must have a recognizable character, a unique style, and be approachable and pleasant to drink.” – RAFFAELE BOSCAINI, GENERAL COORDINATOR OF MASI TECHNICAL GROUP

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